Austin, TX



Jonathan Berkowitz


  • Jonathan Berkowitz is the Chief Executive Officer at Thinktiv. He has 13+ years of experience leading both consumer and enterprise product strategy initiatives with companies ranging from pure Internet startups to the Fortune 50.
  • Jonathan joined Thinktiv in 2008 and has taken Thinktiv from an expert design consultancy to venture acceleration firm specializing in providing financial and human capital to early stage companies with significant product strategy and brand challenges. As such, he is an engaged product & market strategy advisor to 20+ Thinktiv customers.
  • Prior to joining Thinktiv, Jonathan served as Vice President of Product Strategy at B-Side Entertainment, Inc—an independent film distributor focused on innovative social and word-of-mouth marketing distribution models. Jonathan led B-Side through multiple rounds of venture capital funding and played a critical role growing B-Side into the largest provider of social commerce technology to the Independent Film market.
  • Jonathan began his career at Trilogy Inc., where he spent 9 years serving most recently as the Director of Product Strategy for Trilogy’s Computer Business Unit and New Businesses Unit. In these roles, Jonathan was responsible for the creation and delivery of analytics-driven, consumer-facing websites for large consumer electronics manufacturers and a sophisticated pricing service for the tire industry. Jonathan managed over $40M of product and services revenue working with customers such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard Compaq, Gateway Computer, Sun Microsystems and Goodyear Rubber & Tire Co.